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Films in standard sheet size (4x5, 5x7, 8x10). Custom sizes are available on demand.

Film Washi W 25 iso

W - 25 iso/15° - Orthochromatic film on Kozo paper

This is the original Washi Film, hand coated on Moriki Paper's Tosa Washi (Kozo). With high sensitivity to blue, less to green and no sensitivity to red light, this film gives best results with urban, portrait and still life photography. Film "W-25" is available in sheet-films and 35mm, but also in 120 or 620 formats. Watch here how to process it.


Categories: handcrafted orthochromatic 120 135 sheet-film

Film Washi P 100 iso

P - 100 iso/21° - Panchromatic film on polyester base

Film "P" is a panchromatic film handcoated on the same polyester base used for classic films. With no anti-halation layer it can gives, under special light conditions, a very nice effect of diffusion. This film is produced on special order only.


Categories: handcrafted panchromatic 120 135 sheet-film

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