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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your film ?

All film sales are made through the network of resellers

Can I buy film directly from you ?

Film Washi had a booth every year at the Bièvres International Photo Fair , there is no direct sale appart of this event, sorry.

Where can I have your film processed ? Do you offer processing services ?

Film Washi does not offer processing services. Most of the film can be treated by any lab (see Data Sheets). For films witch need special handling like films W, V, Y or R, please proceed yourself or check first with your usual lab if they can do it.

I do not find processing time for the developer I am using.

Unfortunatly, we cannot test all film/developer combos. However, each Data Sheet will indicate you a classic reference film that will help you to process your film. For exemple : Film F can be processed exacty like Ilford FP4+

I am passing by, may I come visit your workshop ?

The workshop is not open to the public, sorry.

I am a student, do you take Trainee ?

Film Washi is a one man business, Lomig Perrotin works alone and the current workflow does not allow to welcome trainee, sorry.

I own a shop and would like to become a reseller, what is the procedure ?

To become reseller, please contact us directly by mail. Film Washi works only with dealers who have their own shop either physical or online. Reseller who works only through a third party platform (Amazon, Etsy, Ebay etc..) are not allowed.

Is your film are Vegan ?

Like all analogue films currently on the market, those produced by Film Washi does contain animal gelatine and cannot be considered Vegan. For more details about how and why animal gelatine is used in the photographic industry, please consult this page.

I have empty 135 cartridges and 120 spools, can I send it to you for recycling ?

Film Washi already work with few processing labs to recycle these materials. Unless you have really large quantity it is simply not worth the shipping.

Can you make custom works ?

Yes, under certain conditions, please refer to the dedicated page.

I have an issue with a film, what can I do ?

Please send an e-mail to describe what happend, including how you used the film and if possible pictures of the whole negative stripe (including leader). In case of a production issue the film would be exchanged for a new one.

I send you a message via Facebook/Instagram but never received answer.

Film Washi wants to keep only minimal presence on social network. Instagram & Facebook account are checked only once a week and no business matter are discussed through these platform. It is better to use e-mail to have faster answer.

I send you an e-mail but never received answer.

All email are usually answered within a one week delay (except when in vacation), but it is not unusual that answers ended up in Spam folders, especially for gmail address. Please check your Spam folder and do not hesitate to write again or call.

What is the best moment to call you ?

Morning is usually dedicated to production : impossible to answer the phone while being in full darkness ! So this is better to call in the afternoon, between 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm (french time), thanks.

Can you supply your film for motion picture shooting ?

Yes, some films can be used for motion pictures (F, Z & X) and available in 35mm only. But being perforated with KS (Kodak Standard) perforation (photo) instead of BH (Bell & Howell) perf, it can be used only in selected camera that can accept such perforation. Also, these film are coated on strong Polyester base, so if the camera jam during shooting there is a real risk to damage it. Classic Triacetate (TAC) motion picture film will break within the camera in case of mechanical malfunction. With Polyester (PET) this is the opposite : the camera is damaged, not the film. Knowing that, Film Washi should not held responsible for any gear damage while using film in suc ways.

Can you produce old format film like 116/126/127/220 etc.. ?

Main problem with these format is they needs special size backing paper that is almost impossible to source today. So for the moment production of such format is not possible.

My question is not on this list.

No problem, please send an e-mail.

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